CATHETRIX is an innovative catheter securement devices company,
which develops and produces smart catheter fixations and delivers
safety solutions for hospital and home care.

FolySafe - no damage

CATHETRIX’s flagship product, FoleySafe, is the world’s first Foley
catheter stabilizer which actively prevents possible damage to
the bladder and urethra from accidental urinary catheter extraction.

Catheter that slide out safely

FoleySafe prevents accidental urinary catheter extraction, thus avoiding
possible damage to the bladder and urethra. Once the Foley catheter
is pulled with a force that can harm the patient, FoleySafe will cut
the sterile fluid tube and let the retention balloon deflate,
permitting the catheter to slide out safely.

FolySafe - minimizes movement

FoleySafe also prevents catheter dislodgement and minimizes
movement, thus reducing the risk of Catheter Associated Urinary
Tract Infection (CAUTI).

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